Imagine Jefferson Phase 2

Welcome to our exceptional LIHTC community, where modern living seamlessly blends with historic charm. Our 113-unit development features a dynamic mix of 5-story wood frame buildings (105 units) and an ingeniously adapted 1940s school building (8 units). We’ve taken great care to preserve the historic integrity of the school while enhancing its sustainability. Through meticulous design, the historic building now meets the same Energy Star 3.0 and Enterprise Green requirements as the new construction, setting a high standard for responsible development. Join us in this unique living experience, where the past and present coexist harmoniously, offering the best of both worlds.

Giv Development LLC
Electrical Engineer
PVE, Inc.
General Contractor
Interior Designer
Architecture Belgique, Inc.
Landscape Architect
STB Design
Mechanical Engineer
PVE, Inc.
Structural Engineer
Canyons Structural Consulting