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Welcome to our remarkable LIHTC community, where thoughtful design meets urban innovation. Our 102-unit development stands as a testament to forward-thinking construction, comprising 4-story wood construction gracefully resting upon a concrete podium. As one of the pioneering developments within South Salt Lake’s burgeoning downtown district, we’ve played a pivotal role in shaping the city’s future. Our dedicated design team collaborated closely with the city, ensuring strict compliance with a brand-new zoning ordinance, setting the standard for sustainable and community-focused development in this vibrant district. Join us in this dynamic urban landscape where affordable living meets modern progress.

Civil Engineer
Focus Engineering
Electrical Engineer
PVE, Inc.
General Contractor
Interior Designer
Architecture Belgique, Inc.
Landscape Architect
STB Design
Mechanical Engineer
PVE, Inc.
Structural Engineer
Canyons Structural Consulting