Station at Midvale

Introducing our inclusive LIHTC community, where thoughtful design meets affordability. Our development comprises two buildings, one standing at 4 stories and the other at 5 stories, both gracefully constructed atop a below-grade concrete podium. Offering a diverse range of housing options, from one-bedroom to four-bedroom units, our community is committed to providing income-restricted housing that caters to various family sizes and needs. We believe in creating a place where everyone can find a home, making it a welcoming and vibrant community for all.

Horizon Development
Civil Engineer
Focus Engineering & Surveying
Electrical Engineer
PVE, Inc.
General Contractor
Kier Construction
Interior Designer
Architecture Belgique, Inc.
Landscape Architect
Mike Wonenberg
Mechanical Engineer
PVE, Inc.
Structural Engineer
Canyons Structural Consulting